Replacing monodevelop with notepad++

I’d like to give Notepad++ a shot as my script editor for various reasons. I’ve found information about how to do this, including how to add autocomplete support and support for jumping to line numbers by double-clicking messages in the Unity Editor console.

However, the steps illustrated by the articles I’ve found seem to no longer pertain to Unity 3.5. Or perhaps only the paths to necessary directories have changed? I’ve also read that as of 3.5, the jump-to-line-number trick no longer works.

Can anyone confirm any of this? I can’t seem to find an accurate, complete answer to this question. Is it still possible to use Notepad++ as a fully-featured replacement for MonoDevelop?

Thanks for your time

I’m seeing the same thing with Unity 3.4.2. I believe the difference is in how Unity reports it’s line number. I’ll come back and post an answer when I find one.

Update: Make sure there is a space between -n and linenumber. The zipped version of wrapper.ini has it wrong =/