Replacing NetworkManagerHUD button functionality

I’m trying to use the NetworkManager class to create a multiplayer game without the use of the HUD.

I understand that the Lan Host, and Lan Client buttons call the NetworkManager.StartHost() and NetworkManager.StartClient() functions respectively, but what else do the buttons do.

What is done with the NetworkClient that is returned? What else happens under the hood?

When i just call the StartHost or StartClient functions, nothing really happens except an eventual timeout error

How would you properly duplicate the functionality of these buttons without using the HUD and just the NetworkManager?

I’m in. Looking for exactly this since a few days.
Here is some help on figuring it out by yourself,

first of all the source code for networking:

Second a basic tutorial on how to replace the buttons (more for beginners though):

This looked useful as well but i didn’t check it out in detail yet: