Replacing (sprite) image, maintaining references


I was wondering if it is possible to change an image (in editor) but maintain all the references pointing to that image.

Now when I get a corrected version of an image from our graphical designer, the replacement process is like this:

  • Drag the new image into the editor.
    Unfortunately a new instance is
    created this way and not replacing
    the old one :frowning:
  • Delete old one, rename
    new instance to old name
  • Drag
    replaced image into every component
    that references that image

Are there any simple, replace solution?

Thanks in advance :wink:

Hi, the easiest way (and the way we replace most assets) is to close unity and use a file browser to overwrite the asset. Then load up Unity and all the references should be in place with the new asset imported using the previous import settings that are stored in the meta file. I hope that helps =)