Replacing transparency of text with a solid color?

Hi, is there an easy fix to filling in a text’s transparency? I’ve been messing around with my UI text for a bit and I can’t seem to replace the transparency with a solid color.

(In case I wasn’t clear enough:) Whenever I change the font type (in this case mine is a custom imported font), and type something out in it, the letters are transparent with a color outline and the interior of the font is transparent. I’m trying to see if I can replace the transparency with a solid color.

If anyone has a solution, help would be greatly appreciated.


The easiest and best way would be to alter the font itself. IT would use MUCH less overhead than other methods.

At least in VB, which is the last time I did this, raster the text(turn into an image), locate the inside pixels and fill them with a color matching the outline.