REplay an audio

I have an image button that I use to replay an audio source. The audio sourc eis set to play on awake. however I want the user to be able to replay tne audio on clicking the button, i dont want to set on Loop.
basically im using the gaze function, so the Pointer Enter function triggers the GVRClick() of the button when the gazetime is achieved.
So, in the GVRlcik event funciton of the button, i have typed: replayaud.Stop(); and replayaud.Play();
The audio stops, but unless i dont move my gaze away from the button, it wont replay.
When I look elsewhere, or move my gaze a slight bit off the replay button, the audio replays.
I dont wnat this, i should replay as soon as the gaze function has triggered the GVRCLick();

public AudioClip yourclip;
AudioSource audioSource;

    void Start()
        audioSource = GetComponent<AudioSource>();

    public void OnYourButtonClick()