ReplayKit not recording anything (iOS 11)

I’m just calling Replaykit.StartRecording() and a few seconds later ReplayKit.StopRecording() but other than the permission dialogue popping up and me pressing ok, nothing seems to get recorded or saved in my Gallery. In my player settings I’ve checked ‘prepare for recording’. Is there anything else I should set in my project settings that may prevent the recording? Or is it just a bug like other threads suggest?

The plugins I’ve bought using replaykit fail too. And if it’s a bug and we can’t currently use Replaykit, what alternatives are there for screen recording with audio?

My Unity is 2017.2.f03, my XCode is 9.1, my dev phone is an iPhone 7. I’m running ARkit too so I guess that could interfere too.

Anyone any answers?

ReplayKit does not work correctly on iOS 11 :frowning: