Report a Bug in Report a Bug?

I never have success when I try to report a bug using Unity’s menu option Help->Report a Bug. I spend my time preparing an example project, filling the form, attaching the example project, but when I click Send Error Report, Unity always shows a warning dialog saying: Failed to submit error report. Contact us by email ( I report the bug via email, of course, but my problem with Report a Bug remains unsolved.

Could it be a bug in my Unity (PC indie version 3.3)? Does it works for you, guys? Should I report a bug in Report a Bug?

Does your network require the use of a proxy, or have a firewall that blocks unknown outgoing ports? Also, look in the Windows Firewall control panel, in the “Allowed programs” section, and make sure that Unity Editor is listed and allowed for both public and private networks.

Otherwise, yeah, I’d definitely report the bug.