REPOST: PC Web Plug-in

This is a repost. Sorry I didn't come back to the forum when you guys lost that data.

I had a question about the PC plug-in in development. Will this be available in the next version of Unity? Will it be available for Unity Indie? If I purchase Unity Indie now, would I have to pay for an upgrade to 1.2?

To answer one question, as far as I know all 1.x updates to Unity will be free if you buy it now.

Also a repost here:

The IE-plugin won't make it in 1.2 (coming real soon now). Licensing details on it aren't settled.

Like Kevin just said, all 1.x upgrades are free. There is an option to upgrade from Unity Indie to Unity Pro, and when 2.0 comes out we'll naturally offer an upgrade-price too.

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Edit: Unity Pro will naturally be able to publish to the IE-plugin.

You mean there will be a difference? How does that work? With the executable in the actual plugin and everything. Would that mean widespread use of unity as the 3D flash impossible? Think of the possibilities!

This has the potential to create a new revolution in internet plugins, like flash did. Don't break this prospect early!

I think that means with Unity Pro you will be able to publish to the windows IE player. The Indie licence probably will not be able to do that.

I know what he means, but it makes no sense! So I mean mean in the mean sense (don't ask).

It's not like the unity web players actually have the binary in them, that's in the plugin - unless they change that for windows.

Which would be stupid if they're going to make Unity big. You think flash would have done well if the normal version (non-pro) wouldn't let you publish to the windows plugin? I mean, Unity is the 3D flash - and this could be big with lots of people buying it for there sites. They would be more likely to get a cheap one to play around with for their site.

Imagine Neopets with Unity instead of 3D Shockwave, imagine Newgrounds equivalents with 3D games and movies!

Not going to happen if people are going to have to pay > £1000 just to make something for their friends to play.

Flash is $700.
Maybe otee should offer a $700 version that allows you to publish to IE plug-in.

Really? Are you sure?

Comparing the fact that Unity is still in early adopters edition, is there really a difference? Checking here I can see that Unity indie would be the same. Ofcourse, Unity has Ageia and a cool 3D engine, but that's around the price point people are willing to pay. The people that would get Flash Pro may be likely to buy Unity Indie first to see what it's like and then upgrade, if they can afford it. I mean, Flash Pro is $699 and Unity Pro is much more. I'm sure a middle alternative may go down well.

I just want a Newgrounds alternative with Unity, I'd love to show off to my friends with just small plugins ;)

I agree with socksy. The option to publish a Windows webplugin should be an Indie feature.


I have a Unity Indie licence and have been waiting for the PC web browser plugin. Unfortunately the discussion in this thread is a bit worrying. Could someone from OverTheEdge clear things up for us? When the PC web plugin is released, will Indie licence users be able to use it, or is it a Pro only feature? If it's Pro only I'm going to be a bit stumped.


pdrummond, like David said in it's post, they don't know it yet.

But I repeat myself ( :-D ), The option to publish a Windows webplugin should be an Indie feature. Why? Simple! I believe that, for an Indie game developer, it's important to show his work to everyone that is interested and the best way of doing that is trough a webplugin.