Request for help with fixing visual issues (scenes, sprites, prefabs not loading properly) on Android builds of our game!

Hey everyone, Logan here from Glass Robot Games with a bit of an issue for our ongoing Unity project…
To provide some context, it’s a simple 2D puzzle game that we’re working on in Unity (Specifically, I think that we’ve been working in “2019.4.3” but we also tried recreating scenes from the game in the latest Version 5 iterations of Unity and building for Android still didn’t work) and it works fine whenever we test it right in the engine. However, when we build the game for Android (because this project will hopefully launch on the Android Play Store and the Apple iOS Store), it exhibits heavy visual/graphic glitches.
The game will boot up, the title screen animates just fine, and the Main Menus work up until we load the scene of any Level in-game. For example, I’ll load up Level 1-1 here and the whole stage will just not show properly at all. The playable/interactive bits of the scene can be selected and even moved/swiped, but entire prefabs and sprites flicker in-and-out constantly. Some aren’t even loading at all!
I’ve got a video here (Issues Experienced with Android Build of Clear Circuits - YouTube) showing what the Level looks like when we’re testing right in the engine compared to what’s happening when we try to test it for Android. Even when we try to pull up the Main Menu from inside of the Level scene, some buttons don’t show up but can still be selected. And for example, if I click to return to the title screen from a Level, sprites on that scene start flickering and not loading properly.
I hope that I’ve effectively explained this situation that we’re experiencing with our project… We are unfortunately at a bit of a standstill in development until this matter is resolved so if I may ask out here on the Unity Forum, can anybody with an idea of what’s going on provide feedback/assistance?
Any and all advice is sincerely appreciated! Thank you very much!!

  • Logan Cavaliere

This is the first time I’ve ever actually typed up a question onto the Unity Forum, so please let me know if it’s too long or confusing in any fashion, and I’ll make alterations to it promptly!