Requesting Information about hireing , building and MMORPG

Hi, Firstly I’m unsure where to post this question, So I’m in the wrong place, please point me into the right direction.

Anyway here goes.

I’m in talks with a friend and a family member about hiring a team of professional coders, 3d modellers ect ect to build me a MMORPG based through web player on my website, What I’m looking for is kinda like Runescape set up, where people signup in the website to play ect (NOT A GAME LIKE RUNESCAPE, just the set up).
Basically, the game is fully tied in with the website where people can play for free, or even upgrade to unlock better and more features, they can use there game account in the sites forums, check out the highscores ect ect, im sure you’ve got an idea of what im looking for now, right?

So i’ll need someone to build the game as well as build the servers, connections, website, pritty much the lot which is required to make a MMORPG work.

But, i have a few questions which i would like to be answered before i start this massive project, also id like to be pointed into the right directions if I’m going wrong with anything.

So firstly how much would i be looking at to hiring people for this? i know its going to be costly but could anyone possibly give me a rough sum? in £?

How long would it take roughly to get a project of this size completed?

How many people would i need to hire?

once the project is completed and launched would i need a team to run it? or is it possible to run with just me and friends?

But the most important question i have going round and round in my tiny little brain is where could i find people i can trust? how would i know if i can trust them? how would i know if these people wouldn’t just build the game then use it for them self’s? (if you understand that last question)

There are so many questions i could ask to do with this but I’m going to keep it sort.
So if anyone has anything extra to add to this just comment or let me know so i can edit this.

The more detailed answers would be highly appreciated as I’m willing to put time into this project.

Thank you in advance,


This is where you should post Commercial Work. As for the trust issue, you would need to write out a contract and have anyone you hire agree to the terms and sign it. As for running the game yourself, its possible depending on how much coding you know, how often you need to update, being able to read and know exactly whats going on with the code that is given to you. Hop on the forums (thats where stuff like this is discussed), there are lots of people that will help get you started.