Require permissions set to Read and Write


I have previously used a trial version of Unity 2.5.x without problems. After upgrading to the free 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 i am getting a dialog box saying "Setting permissions of project folder. Unity requires that the permissions of the project folder are set to read and write!"

I am running on a Mac, Snow Leopard. The disk where unity is installed is case sensitive and the projects are stored on an external disk, not case sensistive.

I have tried to change the permission, add the current user, installing and reinstalling unity. Removing preferences files for unity and an old trail version of Maya.

Please advise.

Thomas Srensen

Check your editor log for the exact files that are causing the problem. For me, it happened when I copied some other files into the project directory, that included a symlink:


[...] verify_permissions --is-unity-project -- /Users / [UserName] / [ProjectName], running for mac Can't stat /Users/ [UserName] / [ProjectName] / [Some bad file] at /Applications/Unity/ line 171. '' Couldn't change permissions

So moving that [Some bad file] out of the project folder fixed it.

Does that happen repeatedly? I'd assume so. I know this sometimes happens (or happened in the past) when you worked on scripts over the network via Visual Studio running in a VMWare. However, it's a long time ago that I've seen this happen (probably 2.1 or so). When this happened to me, I just had to type my admin-password and it was all fine (and it only happened again after a longer time).

So, if you can't get rid of this message, I think that would be worth a bug report.

I was getting the same request on mac and unity 2019.1, unity crashed/hanged after inputting the password. Solution was to not close unity hub after opening project. If it was closed, reopen the project from unity hub.

Are you using version control by any chance? Even if not, you may want to read this question. I actually no longer get the issue since 2.6, so if it's a separate problem, bug report as Jashan suggests.

Thanks for the suggestions, but the problem persists. My surname is Srensen, can this be the origin of the problem even though the user short name is something different (roret205)

Thanks in advance Thomas

I'm finding the same dialog when installing Unity 2.6.1 on Leopard 10.5.8. Entering the root password (or any other) closes Unity. So I find no way to use unity on the Mac. The problem occurs when opening the Island Demo or whichever new projects I attempt to create. The filesystem is hfs, local and journaled.

I've got the same problem. After typing in my admin password Unity just dies. Each try. I read here that it could be that this error happens on case-sensitive file systems only. While the preinstalled Mac OS X had a case-insensitive one, I reinstalled a Snow Leopard onto an external harddrive with a case-sensitive file system. So what can I do?

Something that worked for me was to disable the firewall on your mac >system pref>security>and turn off firewall.

I hope this helps for you and everyone else with this problem enjoy K

I had exactly the same error message for Unity iPhone, as a result of double clicking on my Downloads folder while trying to open a tutorial project (pesky PC trained mouse finger - always double clicking everything...). What this basically did (I think) is try to open the Downloads folder as if it was a Unity Project folder; and hence it complained about the lack of read and write access.

It was then stuck like this, always asking for my password to enable read and write access when I tried to start Unity iPhone, and then just closing without seeming to do anything else, even if I entered my password. I tried re-installing, with no luck - because that isn't where your last project folder setting is saved.

I fixed it in the end by the following:

1) Open up your Users//Library/Preferences folder

2) Scroll down until you find


(at least that was the offending party in my case. If you are using basic Unity (it sounds like you are), then you want



and delete it. That preferences folder is constantly being updated by various apps saving your personal preferences as you carry out stuff. In the UnityEditor.plist is the reference to the last scene opened and last project folder... which in my case had been set to the Downloads folder.

If you are worried you can back your old .plist up instead of deleting it, but as far as I can tell Unity just writes a new one if there isn't anything there already (how else can it start the first time, after all?).

When I deleted this .plist, and then started Unity iPhone up, it looked just like it did the first time I ran it, with all the settings back to default, and the intro window displayed. Depending on how much you've personalised your interface, this may or may not be a pain for you. Otherwise, everything is back to normal.

Apologies if this doesn't work for your problem, but since it did for me with the exact same symptoms you describe, and as no-one else has mentioned the .plist, I figured it worth posting just in case.

Good luck!