Requirements to collect anonymous usage data

I want to collect data like GameAnalytics (asset store) does. Are there special requirements for doing this on Android (Google Play store app), iOS (Apple Store) and Microsoft Store? Or do the default policies of those stores already include something to allow all apps to do this?

I don’t want to use any 3rd party code for this, I am thinking I’ll just make a few simple HTTP calls (using WWW classes) to my server to post some real basic info. Just want to know basic stuff like how often they run my game and how many levels they complete. I know for a fact that their are tons of bots all over the world downloading apps non-stop from the various stores (to inflate download numbers?), so I don’t want to just be happy with the fact that my game got “10,000 downloads” – I want to know if people actually played it.

The COPA stuff is interesting. I thought this blog post was interesting. Looks like, on iOS at lest you should be OK collecting analytics provided you are not serving up targeted ads and your data is anonymised.