Reset Score Help

I was wondering how I would go about resetting my score to 0. I’ve looked everywhere but cant find a solution.

Score script: #pragma strictstatic var currentScore : int = 0;var offsetY : float = 40 -
Destroy Score when starting a new game: using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;public class DestroyScore : Mon -

Thanks for your time

Is destroying necessary? You could simple call a method to reset it. Destroying will not reset the score because score is a static variable. Also, your mixing unityscript and c#, which is not a good idea.

Simply get the reference to the script and call ResetScore().

public class Score : MonoBehaviour {

public int score;
float offsetY = 40;
float sizeX = 100;
float sizeY = 40;
void Start () {
void OnGUI () {
    GUI.Box (new Rect (Screen.width/2-sizeX/2, offsetY, sizeX, sizeY), score.ToString());

public void ResetScore(){
    score = 0;