Reset Transform.position

Hi guys.
I have this GameManager reset function, it all goes well besides the fact that when i want to reset a gameObject’s transform.position, it doesn’t reset the first time i click the restart button, unless i click it once and then repeat the procedure fast.

void Start() 
    platformStartPoint = PlatformGenerator.position;

    backgroundStartPoint = BackgroundGenerator.position;

    playerStartPoint = thePlayer.transform.position;

    tantarGeneratorStartPoint = tantarGenerator.position;

    frontMinionsGeneratorStartPoint = frontMinionsGenerator.position;

 public void Reset()

    platformList = FindObjectsOfType<PlatformDestroyer>();

    for (int i = 0; i < platformList.Length; i++)

thePlayer.transform.position = playerStartPoint;

tantarGenerator.position = tantarGeneratorStartPoint;

frontMinionsGenerator.position = frontMinionsGeneratorStartPoint;


help me out please, thanks!

Is the player resetting their position?
If so try adding .transform as the tantarGenerator and the frontMinionsGenerator.