resetting my array

this script is for my enemy to iterate throu a array of waypoints once at the end i want him to start over what i have so far is working, kinda i can iterate throu the hole array once bu i am unable to start it over here is what i have`

function OnTriggerEnter(col : Collider){

if(col.tag == "waypoint" && !isTriggered ){
	isTriggered = true;


function ChangeWayPoint(){

if(waypoints != 11){
	curWayPoint ++;
	isTriggered= false;
	 curWayPoint = 0;
	isTriggered= false;


not sure how to reset the array.

The simplest way to make a looping index is like this:

myArray[index % myArray.Length];

Here, index does not need to be limited to the length of the array, because it will be looped by the modulo operator. Just do something like that whenever you index the array.