Resetting VR camera direction

Hello, I am developing an interactive information VR app. I have most things working but I can’t seem to work out how to reset the VR camera direction.

I am using Unity 5.5.1f1 with the latest SteamVR, VRTK plugins and a HTC Vive.
You can teleport around the scene and click on numbered icons. They pop up with information and there is then a left and right arrow that is designed to teleport you to the next information point when clicked. Moving the CameraRig transform works great but the user is often not facing the correct direction. So basically I need to move and rotate the VR rig to a new location (done) but then have the VR reset to then also face the new rotation. I have looked all over the net and spend two days trying to work something out but with no luck.

I have tried things like:

But they don’t seem to do anything or flag up any errors.
Don’t know if the VRTK plugin is upsetting this or maybe I have them assigned to the wrong objects.

I even tried to work out the difference between the direction I want to face, current user offset and then adjust the base rig to try and compensate for the difference but the 0-360 rap is messing with my head and there must be a better way. I feel I am missing something very fundamental.

Any suggestions/advice much appreciated.
Many thanks,

Make a empty gameobject(Container) and make it the parent of camera gameobject.
Now apply the rotation on the Container to get the desired rotation