Resize an object without scaling

I was wondering how to resize an object without scaling it? What I mean is: How do I make a 4x4 cube that is also 4X4 in its local coordinate system?

I’m assuming that you want a cube that is 4x4x4 in world space when it local scale is (1,1,1) If so, then the mesh will need to be resized. At the following question:

You will find an editor script called RotateMesh. It is designed to change the local rotation of a mesh, but it also resets the scale. Put it in your Assets/Editors folder. Then: 1) create a cube, 2) size that cube to 4x4x4, 3) select the cube in the hierarchy, 4) Select RotateMesh from the Windows menu. The result will be a clone cube in which the local scale will be 4x4x4.