Resizing / Rescaling Image inside GUI.Window content.

I am trying to rescale an image within the content of a GUI.Window.

The code comes up with an error “Assets/TextAreaBox.js(14,43): BCE0051: Operator ‘*’ cannot be used with a left hand side of type ‘int’ and a right hand side of type ‘Object’.”.

#pragma strict

private var BoxWidth = 350;
private var BoxHeight = 400;

var image_1 : Texture2D;
private var maxImageWidth = BoxWidth-50;
private var ImageRatio;
private var NewImageWidth_1 = image_1.width;
private var NewImageHeight_1 = image_1.height;
if(image_1.width > maxImageWidth){
	ImageRatio = maxImageWidth / image_1.width;
	NewImageWidth_1 = image_1.width * ImageRatio;
	NewImageHeight_1 = image_1.height * ImageRatio;

You never assign ImageRatio to anything. The error code is telling you that the compiler sees ImageRatio as an Object, since it hasn’t been assigned to any other data type.