Resizing / scaling a Detail Mesh

I can’t find any way to do this. I have added a very simple model that is pretty much just a small stone. When I try to paint it on the terrain it’s way too big, and editing any of the options doesn’t give the result I want. I need it to be much smaller. I can change the Random Width and Random Height to make some of the randomised meshes small enough, but the big ones will still be the normal size, unsurprisingly.

Changing the scale of the object in Maya and re importing it to Unity doesn’t change the size of the detail mesh in unity at all.

Seems to me there should be some easy solution but I can’t find it so any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried adjusting the Scale Factor on the FBXImporter settings?

Damn didn’t I say there was an easy solution xD?
I didn’t notice those settings,Im still new to unity.

Thanks alot

Hi, What about detail meshes using a package I bought (Real Nature Pack)?