Resizing Sprites

Okay, I’m relatively new to unity and I’m trying to create a basic 2D jump and run game, but I encountered
a little problem, that I don’t understand.
If I resize my sprites in the scence view by simply stretching them per mouse, their size change on the scene view
as expected, but the inspector values don’t.
So for example if I resize my ground sprite, the Box Collider still has the same values as before. This leads to some positioning probelms for me, as I try to position things accordingly to their size shown in the inspector.
Would be cool if somebody could explain this behaviour to me :slight_smile:

You should use the scale values in the transform component of the sprite instead of stretching the size per mouse. If you change the scale values of the sprite, the size of the box collider should just increase or decrease with it. This at least works with 3d games, I’m not completely sure if it’s the same for 2d games. You can also change the box colliders size manually in the box collider component without changing the size of the sprite.