"Resolution agnosticism" - Create a project without thinking on the resolution.

I’m currently making a small project. Due it’s focus, I’m using both a Win7 machine with a 17" screen and a Mac Book Pro (One of those with a retina display). The final application should be deployed in an iPad aaand I’m testing it in a iPad mini.

So, as you can see, I’m using 4-5 different displays to develop this project, and in each screen is all different.
As an example, a transformation that I apply to an asset: The asset turns and moves from position a to position b, being always inside the screen. In iPad half of the asset ends up outside the screen for its screen size is too small.

What I want, in sort, is being able to “tell” the camera the size of the screen, so it adapts itself to it, showing always the same content. I know I can ask for the current system’s width and height, but I do not really know what to do with them.

You’re really asking about AspectRatio.

The iPad “outside” bounds problem you’re seeing is because the PC screen is more rectangular than an iPad screen, so things near the edge get cut off. Unity has tools to let you look up the AspectRatio, and some example code on how to use that value to help fix things.

But, as Fattie says, the answer is very much no. Look around the web for sizing games to various phones and you’ll see it’s aways a problem moving to different ratios of screens. Unity is slightly better at it, since you’re encouraged not to count pixels.