Resolution extending my camera

Ok so I'm working on a game for the PC and I need a model to float in the top left corner of the screen. I placed the model on the top left corner of the camera's view and equal to the near clipping plane. However, when I play test a build using a widescreen's like the camera extends to the side??? So now where there was no room to the left of my model...there's now an inch or so(depending on the resolution selected) of space between the edge of the screen and the model. Any ideas? Thanks.

If you want the model to be located in the corner regardless of aspect ratio, you'll need to detect the aspect ratio at run time and position the model accordingly.

Use relative positions for objects placed in screen space. E.g. on a screen that is 1200px wide and the correct position would be at 200px instead of saving the 200px save 0.16f. To place things on the screen unity will want an absolute position again so just do this: absPos = relPos * Screen.width; and the object will be always placed at the correct relative location regardless of the resolution.