resolution height map: order 10 meter grid or 25 meter?


I’m planning on a game based in the alps and want to order an accurate height map. On the website I can choose between a height map with a 25 meter grid or one with a 10 meter grid. The 10 meter grid is obviously more detailed, but I wonder if it will be necessary. The price difference is quite steep: 10 times as much for the 10 meter grid version. When imported and decorated, will I really notice the difference? The game will be mostly a 3th person view featuring paragliding and a fly-over of hiking trails.

Thanks for any input!

It really depends on your use case. If you’re moving fast above the terrain, you probably don’t need high-res. You can make up for the lack of detail with detail objects (trees rocks grass).

If you’re going to be near the ground or slow enough to see detail, maybe you want the high res.

Either way, look up SRTM. It’s height data that covers most of the earth, free from NASA. You’ll need to convert it to a usable format yourself, and clean up any holes, but it’s free raw data.