Resolution iPhone 3Gs & iPhone 4


We built an app using Unity and XCode for the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4.
The app looks great on the iPhone 4, since it was tested on this device.
But the app does not look good on the iPhone 3Gs.
The reason is Resolution issues.

The Splash page looks too large (cutting off screen) and the Game buttons are off screen on the iPhone 3Gs.
I made a copy of Splash.png. Named the copy file Splash@2x.png.
When running the app on iPhone 3GS, it should use the file Splash.png (half the resolution size of Splash@2x.png).
When running the app on iPhone 4, it should use the file Splash@2x.png

When running the app on XCode iPhone Simulator, the Splash page is getting cut off screen, even though I’ve reduced its size by half.
Could it be a setting in Unity, whats the best solution for this?


In the player settings, you will find two image fields for the iPhone slash screen: “Mobile Splash Screen”, and “High Res. iPhone”. If you assign your low res version to the first, and a high res version to the latter, you should be fine.