Resolution Not Saving On Build

So before today I had set, in the Player Settings, the resolution of my game to 800x600 and disabled the dialogue window. This worked fine for both the in-editor game and builds. Now, I would like to enlarge the resolution to 960x600, and keep the dialogue window disabled. This works for the in-editor game, but as soon as I build it, the build runs back at 800x600. Is the Player Settings not saving?

Any help is appreciated,

Fixed it.

Go to your project folder, projectsettings folder, then delete EditorBuildSettings.asset.

You’ll have to re-setup your scene files in the build and reset your desired player settings.

Such a headache :stuck_out_tongue: Glad it’s working now.

Found the fix here : Why doesn't Standalone Build Resolution settings affect the standalone size - Unity Answers