Resolution problems!

I designed a 2d game for PC sticking to a 640x480 resolution. Designed the sprites and textures to my liking according to that resolution. Now when I ported the game to iOS. Specifically iPhone 6 the game looks fine but it looks almost TOO crisp and clear if you know what I mean? You are able to see every little pixel so clearly and from a designers perspective… this wasn’t what I was going for.

Is there any way to set the resolution for iOS manually? Is there any workaround to make the sprites look like they did in 640x480? Any help is appreciated… I am desperate for some insight.

First of all, if you plan on scaling your sprites a lot, you should work vector based instead of pixel based (Adobe Illustrator is vector based, Adobe Photoshop is pixels). second of all, you should write a script and set the options so you have a pixelperfect camera.

For the options, do this:
click your sprite en in the inspector set these settings:
texture type: Sprite (duh)
Pixels per unity: 1
filter mode: Point(no filter)
format: truecolor

Then put a script on the camera that calculates the scales you need. I don’t feel like explaining the entire thing, so here is a free script for you

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class PixelPerfectCamera : MonoBehaviour 
	private int wantedResolutionHeight = 480;
	private float screenHeight;
	private float scale;
	private float size;
	private float ppu;
	private Camera camera;
	private void Awake()
		camera = Camera.main.GetComponent<Camera> ();
		screenHeight = Screen.height;
		scale = screenHeight / wantedResolutionHeight;
		ppu = 1 * scale;
		size = (float)((screenHeight / 2) / ppu);
		camera.orthographicSize = size;

Hope it will work out for you :slight_smile: