Resolution question...

My game looks fine when it is played at the resolution 966 X 644, but when it is played at any other resolution once the game is published (or even when I change the size of the "Game" view in the unity scene editor) the screen gets distorted. The camera's viewing angle and height are messed up, GUI elements are displaced, etc. How can I make this not happen?

EDIT here is the code I was refering to. I developed my GUI using absolute pixel positions, but this is supposed to scale it to any resolution(this code goes in the OnGUI function).

GUI.matrix = Matrix4x4.Scale(Vector3(966 * Screen.width, 644 * Screen.height, 1));

for the GUIs you need a piece of script on each that lets each GUI scale with the screen

as for the camera problems make sure you havn't messed around with it's settings too much. check the clipping ranges are 0.3 for close and 1000 for far,if you cant see part of your level because of this change, it means your level maybe to big. check your field of view is around 60 too.

Let us know what happens when you try this, whether it works or the new problems you are having.