Resolution scaling squashing on iOS and Android

I have a project I started back in Unity 5.6. I have not worked on it in a while and just started on it again.

I upgraded it to Unity 2019.1. I didn’t get any errors and it seems to be working well except for one thing.

When I run the app in the Editor targeting iOS and using the iPhone XS Max 2688x1242 Portrait Game Window it looks fine. When I build and run for iOS and run it on my actual iPhone XS Max it is stretched vertically and looks distorted.

When I run it on my Android tablet which has a wider aspect ratio it looks fine in the editor, but is stretched horizontally on the actual tablet.

Can anyone help me fix this? I would have to have to start over.

Here are some screen shots:

This is from the editor for iOS XS Max:

This one is from the actual phone and is stretched vertically:

I have the same issue if anyone knows the fix. would be greatly appreciated.

Is your UI canvas set to scale with screen size? Try turning it off.