resolution settings not working in 4.2.1?

This is with 4.2.1f1 on Windows (but I think I saw the same issue on Mac earlier, although I didn’t try the following repro):

launch Unity

  • create a new project
  • go the the player settings for the (Windows) standalone player
  • set the default screen width/height to 480*800
  • set Display Resolution Dialog to Disabled
  • build and run => the window is 480*800
  • change the default screen width/height to something else (1024*768)
  • build and run => the window is STILL 480*800 :frowning:

I’d be curious to know if anybody else is getting this…

Unity 4.2.1f ? Where can I find this ? On the website still 4.2.0
With Mac Build it happened to me as well (unity 4.2) a similar issue, even if specifying to show the resolution dialog always, it wasn’t working, and just pop out with the ALT key when launching (optional), but after I deleted the release, and build again. It fixed it. Should be some non updated config file somewhere (it seems).
Another “bug” I found out, if compiling Universal or X86_64 linux and mac release, the executables are built without the icon.