[RESOLVED] Could not find or load main class AndroidPlayer.SDK.cmdline-tools.6.0 - Build Error - 2023.3.3f1

Hello. I’ve been trying for 2 days to build my game for android and each time I get this error.

I have reinstalled Unity at least > 4 times now and it has not fixed itself.
The path seems to be there, but I still get this error.

Can anyone help with this issue?

Would you kindly please report this issue via the Bug Reporter tool?
Your help would be appreciated in logging this issue in our database.

Please make sure to write the exact steps needed to be taken so that the reproduction would be visually seen. Also make sure to attach a reproduction project and any visual material so that when testing our CQA team can verify that they got the same results. If you can, please use this template:

How to reproduce:

  1. Open the attached project
  2. Do this
  3. Do that
  4. Select this
  5. Observe that

Expected result: Something is visible, something is printed or something happens
Actual result: The opposite of what I expect happens

Reproducible with: Editor version I am using (e.g: 2021.3.xf1)

Reproduced on: The OS I am on (e.g: Windows 11, macOS Ventura 13.1 (Intel/Silicon))

Ok. I will send in a report for more information

If there are any folders/directories containing spaces up to your unity editor, you would need to remove those or move the editor somewhere else (example c:/Program Files/Unity-2023.3.3f1/
could be moved to C:/UnityEditor/Unity-2023.3.3f1/)