[RESOLVED] Google Project Tango - Unity Integration

I am troubleshooting the Unity integration for the Project Tango development kit (tablet), however, with limited success. I have enabled USB debugging, installed relevant Android APIs, checked adb, set sdk folder in Unity, etc., but still I cannot control the camera with the device pose in Unity, not to mention the point cloud or other examples. Moreover, the unity examples will only compile in Unity 5 - with some errors - but not at all in Unity 4.6. I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks.

The issue you’re having is related to the length of the filename, and is a Windows issue as far as I know. When I originally downloaded the example projects in a zip folder, I also ran across this issue if I tried to unzip with the Window’s default unzipping program.

Anyways, moving the project to a place with a shorter path, for example, directly in C:, will resolve those issues. I am still having trouble getting the project to build after resolving those errors though.

Sorry, I should have updated my query

Current working solution for:
-MeshBuilder example project
-Augmented Reality example project

  1. Go to Point Cloud Example project in Unity
  2. Go to Assets Menu → Export package → export ‘Plugins’ folder
  3. Open Augmented Reality (or MeshBuilder Example project)
  4. Export everything, BUT plugins folder
  5. Import exported packages from step 2 and 4 into new project
  6. Assuming you have already set up ‘project settings’ and ‘external tools’ correctly, the example projects should compile and push to your Tango device (if you’ve selected “Build & Run”)