[Resolved] .Player project no longer in VS solution making debugging tricky

I recently upgraded my project to 2019.2.0b1. When I open the solution in visual studio I no longer see the .player project in the solution. The .player version of my project allowed me to debug code wrapped in the #if ENABLE_WINMD_SUPPORT tag. I now just have the single instance of my project which I can but break points in the code which do get get hit, but there is no intelisense thus making debugging pretty much impossible.

Am I doing something wrong? Has the .player project been depreciated now?


It has not been deprecated. There have been some issues with Visual Studio 2017 integration on 2019.2 betas. The issues are being chased down but can you submit a bug report for this too so it doesn't get lost?

Just for reference I was using VS2019 - although tried with 2017 and the same issue occurred.

I found that the .Player project was still in the solution folder. it just wasn't included in the visual studio solution.

I added it back in manually and everything is back to normal again now :)

Hello could you guys explain what these .Player solutions are?
I have one for every solution in VS, and they are essentially just "duplicate" code, like exact clones so my load times are near double. Other programmer on my project does not have/see these and his load times are much shorter.
Tried many things to get rid of, they keep coming back

It’s a setting in Unity preferences, you can turn it off. They are supposed to give you intellisense for when you write code that only works in the player and not in the editor.

Ah thank you! please advise where I can turn this setting off, ive looked all over the preferences

Okay so this is what I see 2019 . i dont have any option. Im on 2019.4.0 LTS and so is everyone else on the project, so i still dont know how im the only programmer with .player enabled

Someone on a newer version of unity (not on my project sent me this) Why cant i see this setting? or how else can I turn it off?