[Resolved] Some materials disappearing when camera is too close to model

First I would like to clarify, this is NOT a camera clipping issue.

I’m working in Unity version 2019.3.5f1 and the materials that I’m having this issue with are ones using the “Particles/Standard Surface” shader in “Additive” mode. The material’s configuarion is as shown:


The problem I’m encountering is that when the camera gets within a certain area around the model, the material disappears. materials in front, behind and inside the model are still visible. Only this material disappears.

To add some context: The model i’m using is an cyclinder aquarium with 2 submeshes. the first submesh has a glass like material using the “Standard” shader in “Transparent” mode and is the outer most layer of the model. then a short distance into the model is a second layer of the model that has the problem material applied.

The are no problems what so ever with the rendering until the camera enters the bounds of the model. The bounds I’m refering to here is not the mesh’s area, I’m refering to the value on a Mesh object that unity refers to as the bounds.

When the camera enters the bounds, the problem material becomes invisible. The glass material the is on top is still fully visible. The problem material disappearing is not affected by camera angle, only position. If the gameobject is rotated, the area, where the material disappears, rotates with it.

To help explain, in the following image, assume this is a top-down view of the area. The blue is the model’s area and the red is the bounds. When the camera enters anywhere in the red area, the problem material, and only the problem material, disappears completely instantly
Does anyone know what I might be able to do to fix this issue. If you’d like any additional information please let me know

Edit: After some messing around with changing what materials go on the different parts I’ve noticed a couple of things that weren’t quite happening how it initially appeared.

First, the main material that I’ve been talking about does not completely disappear, it leaves a blue tint around the edges of the model.

Second the glass like material is affected by entering the bounds, however it’s change is just that it gets a bit darker.

Also I tried putting a solid material on the model and didn’t notice any changes in the material when the camera entered the model’s bounds

Edit: I found the issue. It was due to a ReflectionProbe messing up the material rendering

It would appear this issue is being caused by something else in the game. I’ve found that the issue I’m describing is only occuring when the player enters the area, not the camera. placing the player inside and moving the camera away I still see the issue.

This may still be something I can fix through changing the shader but I’ve yet to locate what specifically is triggering the change