[Resolved] Unity Scenes : Level transition

Hello everyone,
I am making a game where you have an array with differents numbers in it, and you should follow some rules to change it in a certain way (it's not important).
I was wondering if, with many levels (like 100 by example) , I should create 100 scenes for each level or I should write a script to store all the levels (every level follow the same rules and they are all the same except that the arrays changes).
Thanks you very much for reading and answering it. Have a nice day :)

I'd guess it would be easier to make 2 scenes. The main scene with the game and the second scene as the transition scene. While the second scene is active you could clear the array, reset values and get the main scene ready for the new level then transition back to it.


Ooh yes I see, it would effectively be far more simple than what I was guessing. Thank you very much ;)

You're welcome. Oh, Welcome to Unity. :)

Ahah it's just that I registered today, it's been a few months I worked with Unity, but I'm constantly having trouble, so hopefully Internet is here for me :)