Resolving a "stutter" in framerate during play

I am working on a distance game and I have most everything built out so that it behaves as I want it to. However, every so often while I do test plays in the editor, everything seems to “jerk” for a minute - the entire scene, like the framerate stalls or stutters. I have checked:

  • Animation
  • Physics

and not found a direct issue there. I am using a character controller and .Move for movement, and placed things into the proper Update/LateUpdate/Etc order. The stutter can happen at almost any time, too, even when there’s very little currently on the screen. The one thing I “HAVE” noticed, is that the batched items tends to jump up when the stutter occurs. Has anyone encountered an issue like this before?

IF you are able to reproduce this consistently in a project, please submit a bug report with the minimal project (if possible, will be very helpful) that reproduces this problem, following these guidelines and additional information:

The bug reporting tool is next to the Unity executable if you can’t run it from the editor. Our QA team will review the issue as soon as possible, and then assign it to our developers. Having the bug report is the only way this problem can be fixed.

I too spent a few days trying to track down why my IOS level would stutter a little the start.
And only the first few times the level was loaded.
The culprit was indeed my score increment and being updated on screen.
My solution was to duplicate the score object and set it to “0123456789” and make sure the game camera could see it when the level loaded. I would then hide this game object in Start().
I guess having the mesh’s 0-9 in memory stopped the need for the game to create them when my score was updated and therefore stopped the initial stuttering of the game.