Resouces Path in a compiled exe

I´m tring to make a compiled App that load a texture from a data…/resouces folder but what I made only loads the texture from the original Assets/Resources folder from editors projetc. I´ve tried many ways withou any success. some one could help me?

Here is the code

public class PrintFrente : MonoBehaviour {
    private Texture2D myGUITexture;
    public string printerName = "";
    public int copies = 1;

    void Start()
        myGUITexture = (Texture2D)Resources.Load("telafrente");

    public void printSmileButton()
        Print.PrintTexture(myGUITexture.EncodeToPNG(), copies, printerName);


A resource folder you made? The Unity Resources folder will load a folder relative to Unity. If you make your own you will have to specify that path. For example if you made a folder in My Documents, you would have to use the Environment.SpecialFolder function.