Resource.Load returns null on sprite

So, I’ve used this before on prefabs, and it worked. But for some reason I can not get it to return a sprite. So, im using a sprite sheet that has about 100 icons on it. Im attempting to use


to load up some sprites into a custom class. That wasnt working though. So I moved it a little closer to the object that was going to load the resource, that didnt work either (not that I thought it would) but no matter what I do, it returns null. This is the code

var mSprite = Resources.Load<Sprite>(items*.item.itemIcon);*

I have stepped through the code at runtime with VS, items*.item.itemIcon is giving “icon_3” which it should. The sprite itself (or the sliced sprite sheet I should say) is located in the root of the Resources foldder. So, im at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. [65923-resources.png*_|65923]

You’re using a spritesheet, but your only using Resource.Load. Maybe you should be using Resource.LoadAll<> instead as that will return a collection of all the sprites in the sprite sheet, then you can check the names of each sprite to find the one you want.