Resource.LoadAll not working in build (works in editor mode)

I run my game in the editor with no issues. But suddenly in this new scene the Resource.LoadAll is NOT working when I do a build (webplayer or Win stand alone).

I have checked the array on load and it is at 0 (instead of the known value of 7)...

Of note is that my other resource files are being pulled in. When I check the dependencies they do not get highlighted but I have not had this issue in other scenes.

Anyone else seen this? I have never had this happen in other scenes when I have built and tested them...

I have double checked that my directories have not moved and that the files are in fact there (or they would not load in the editor version either)...

Any ideas?

I had a similar problem a few times, my game was running fine in the editor and not so fine in any of the builds. What I did was, select my scene - select all dependencies - export as package - make a new project - import the package.

This has worked for me, hope it works for you as well.

It was a setting in the Player options. I had the first streamed resource option set to -1 as I was having issues with the web player in the past and had set this value to get around it.