Resources bar in every scene

Hi. I have small problem in the beginning of my game making. My game have main scene, where you can get to every other scenes in the game (the game is a rpg clicker like “Game of Sultans”) . And my problem is that I want to have resources bar (with gold, diamonds, soldiers) in every scene on top of the screen. In other words, when I go from main scene to other scene I will have the same resources bar in that scene (with the same values). Can you help me to do that?

Create the Resource bar in the MainMenu screen and add a script to it with:

void Awake () {

Then simply hide it in your main screen, but show it in your other scenes. It will stay when switching scenes.

I tested it on two scenes and on the first one (main scene) it is not visable, on second one it is but when i go back to main scene it disappears again.