Resources.load always NULL

Hello !
I’m trying to get a GameObject prefab from the Assets folder with the Resources.load. Everytime the result is “NULL”. I saw many topics but i still have the same problem.
Actually my folder looks like this : (and i have a file “Map1” in the folder Map)

Transform map1;
    map1 = Resources.Load("Map0") as Transform;

This doesn’t work. (Resources.Load(“Map/Map1”) neither). Any hints?
Thanks in advance.

EDIT : Instantiate (map1, new Vector3 (width*k, height*l, 0), Quaternion.identity); This thing works when i load it with the the inspector.

With Resources.Load you load the object and then you have to instantiate. For example:

Transform map1 = null;
UnityEngine.Object Map_o = Resources.Load("Map/Map1");
if (Map_o)
    map1 = (Transform)Instantiate(Map_o);

okkkkk it works.
I forgot the

like this :
map1 = Resources.Load(“Map/Map0”) as Transform;