Resources.Load ... async ? For large images.

Note … for 2016+ Unity have indeed recently added LoadResourceAsync which can be relevant.

Essentially, is there a Resources.LoadAsync … or has anyone come up with a similar solution?

When loading a large texture (a PNG) using Resources.Load, a game will hiccup for 1/2 second.

is there a solution?

I’m thinking, one might be able to use the Application.LoadLevelAdditiveAsync command in Unity,

load a small fake “level” that contains nothing other than the texture in question.

Any experience with this?

The only other idea I had was, cut the image into tiny pieces, small enough that unity does not stutter on a Resources.Load. Load each one with a gap of a couple frames between each, and paste together.

Any thoughts on loading large images on the fly with no stutter? Cheers

You will have better luck using the WWW class. It can load in the background, yield until it’s finished, and then you have your image available, without, or maybe very little lag.