Resources.Load for .Dat ?

Hello (sorry for my english),

I have a trouble to load a file type with Unity3D and I wanted to know if it was not from UNITY.

My question : is that I can load a .Dat with the “Resources.Load”?

Example (Filename = File17.dat) :

    public void LoadData(string FileName, byte[] DstData)
        LoadData(FileName, DstData, true);
    public void LoadData(string FileName, byte[] DstData, bool Needed)
        StreamReader sr;

        //printf("Try to load %s

", FileName);

	object test = Resources.Load(CAwInterfaceEx.GetDataFile(FileName));
        /* Ouvre le fichier. */
            sr = new StreamReader(CAwInterfaceEx.GetDataFile(FileName));

            /* Le fichier n'existe pas. */
            if (Needed)
                Debug.Log("Warning: can't find file '{0}'" + FileName);


Did you figure it out? I am currently facing this same issue.