Resources.loadall not loading prefabs at runtime.


I am creating an editor to help speed up development. I have a resources folder that is split into /models and /textures. In editor it loads all the textures and the prefabs in there respective folders. At runtime it only loads the textures. The only difference I can see is that the textures are .png and the prefabs are .prefab.

this is the code I am using to load the assets.

void loadModels()
        models = Resources.LoadAll("Models");

    void loadTextures()
        textures = Resources.LoadAll("Textures");

These are called in the void Start() function. “models” and “textures” are both Object arrays.

Well after some debugging it turns out that this isn’t the issue instead my buttons aren’t being shown… this is probably something wrong with my UI.

The models are being loaded.