Resources.LoadAssetAtPath not working in WebBuild

I’m using the following loop to grab files for an animation. This method makes it really easy for our artists to export animations from flash as PNG sequences. It works perfectly fine when run from within the unity editor. The files load and the animations play at the right time; however, when we build the project for the Web Player (this game will only be playable through a browser) the animations don’t happen and I’m sure it’s because of the LoadAssetAtPath function.

Any Ideas?

    while (true)
        string tempPath = PATH + mName + intToPaddedString(currentFrame, 4) + ".png";
        tempTexture = null;
        tempTexture = Resources.LoadAssetAtPath(tempPath, typeof(Texture2D));
        if (tempTexture == null)
        mTextures.Add(tempTexture as Texture2D);

Figured it out. I need to use


instead of LoadAssetAtPath. It says right in the documentation that LoadAssetAtPath will return NULL in the web player -_-