resources not loadable in bulid

We have some resources in a resources folder of our project, which are loaded during runtime (.ogg files and text files which contain some descriptions for the levels). We use Resources.Load, to load these assets. In the Editor everything works fine. But if we make a final build (we tried for Mac, Windows and Android) the level is not build. The reason is obviously that the text files are not loaded. if i look into the log files, it seems, that the program tries to get it from the same folder as in the editor (which doesn’t exist in the final build because unity stores the assets in some special files). We are not sure, what we did wrong or how to solve this problem. loading the files during runtime is necessary, because we have about 20 levels with over 1000 audio files. We don’t want to assign them in the editor.

We’d appreciate any help!!

Unity has a feature called Resources. Add your resources into a folder called Assets/Resources. When the build is made, these assets will be wrapped up into a special file, which you can access using The Resources.Load API. Note that this API does not use file paths.