Resources on how to make the player move/rotate in the camera direction?

I am testing a third person shooter. The funny part is I got the shooting part down before the camera controls (it’s a projectile based shooter). I am using a character controller for the movement and collisions of the player. The projectile is fired by directly modifying the transform of a rigidbody with rigidbody.velocity. Use Gravity has been turned off. This projectile is so far the only rigidbody in the project.

There are two things that I have been trying to make happen with little success: having player move/rotate in the camera direction and firing the projectile in the forward direction of the camera. What resources can help me? Would a forward raycast from the camera solve my problems?

This would handle the players movement. It took me a while to find but this was the tutorial I used. As for firing direction did you watch this tutorial yet?