respawn script needed?

Here is my player respawn script but my player wont respaw now i dont know what seemes to be the problem anyone hove any ides how to make it work?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class LevelManager : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject currentCheckpoint;

private PlayerController player;
public GameObject deathParticle;
public GameObject respawnParticle;

public float respawnDelay;
void Start(){
	player = FindObjectOfType<PlayerController>();
void Update()
public void RespawnPlayer()
	StartCoroutine ("RespawnPlayerCo");
public IEnumerator RespawnPlayerCo()

	player.enabled = false;
	player.GetComponent<Renderer>().enabled= false;
	Debug.Log ("Respawn Player");
	yield return new WaitForSeconds (respawnDelay);
	player.transform.position = currentCheckpoint.transform.position;
	player.enabled = true;
	player.GetComponent<Renderer>().enabled = true;


Your script works perfectly.

Only issues I ran in to:

Null Reference exceptions

  • deathParticle, respawnParticle, currentCheckpoint. Are you seeing any null reference exceptions? are references set up? drag and drop prefabs on to your inspector variables or use resources.load to add particle prefabs to their variables.


  • stayed at zero because the inspector serialized it at zero. is your issue not seeing a delay?