Respawn when you fall off the road

So I’m making a game with my friends for a school project and the road is up in the air. So I want that if the car falls of the road, the car is supposed to respawn either further back or after a while on the road again. How could I do this? :slight_smile: Please explain good, as I’m still not so good at c#. I was thinking about using trigger but I’m not sure. Please help. Edit #1 Will explain more if needed.

Put teleporters in the ditch all the way along the road so theres nowhere you can fall without hitting a teleporter.

I would create a script which would take in one or multiple spawn points and then re-position the object which enters a trigger zone.

It would look something like this.

public Transform[] ArrayOfSpawnPoints;

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collider)
   // Select a random spawn point from the list of spawn points
   Transform randomTrans = this.ArrayOfSpawnPoints[Random.Range(0, this.ArrayOfSpawnPoints.Length];
   // Reposition the collider to the spawn points position
   collider.transform.position = randomTrans.position;

And then attach the script and a trigger to a gameObject and place it in your scene.

you could put a large invisible plane or cube underneath the cube and tag it maybe teleport
then define an area or areas you want the car to respawn after falling of the road.
and add this script to your car

var target:Transform;

function OnTriggerEnter(){
if (col.gameObject.tag=="teleport"){