Respawn with damage nwh

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a racing game that uses NWH vehicle physics. I have the damage feature enabled which basically uses mesh deformation and lowers engine performance on collision. This is an excellent feature which has worked quite well so far; but now I want to save that damage and respawn the vehicle like that in the next scene (or in the garage until the player chooses to fix the car). I do not know how to do this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Extra info:

  • Currently I have a script which spawns the car from the prefabs folder.
  • Damage of the car currently only lasts till the end of the race or until player respawns.

Thanks all for your help, I would upload some script but I am unsure on where to start with this issue.

You can save the car Object as a new prefab and spawn that car instead of the repaired one. Unity - Scripting API: PrefabUtility

I hope this was helpful