Responsiveness decreases with project size

Delays when saving a scene, selecting objects, duplicating objects, dragging objects into the scene and similar tasks are barely noticeable with a small project, but with a project with 6 GB of assets, the editor seems to hang for about 2 seconds for each of those tasks, even when the scene is empty.

I've also noticed that models dragged into the scene don't appear until the cursor moves for at least a pixel. It then takes another 2 seconds for it to appear in the hierarchy.

The attached screenshot shows a profiler spike when an object is dropped in the scene (aside from those hangs, the editor runs extremely fast, so it was quite difficult to catch).

2295788--154449--Screenshot from 2015-09-15 03:43:29.png

Thanks for the report.
This is likely due to some fallbacks we currently have to ensure that everything works as expected on a case-sensitive filesystem.
It's one of our TODOs to profile/optimize this, as well as pruning away unnecessary fallbacks.

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Same problem here... Build #2015091501 on ubuntu almost impossible to work with large project (7GB). Have to wait for around 10-30 seconds after object selection.

I was working with a project from windows NTFS drive, now things are a lot better then moved to ext4 native partition! Editor still laggy, but now it's posible to work!